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Dachshund Decks composite decking has been formulated especially for Australian and New Zealand high UV conditions. Our decking has been extensively tested by the Building Research Association of New Zealand (BRANZ) in conjunction with CSIRO in Australia. This testing includes accelerated weathering, UV xenon arc exposure (equivalent of 15 years) and testing of quality control systems throughout the whole supply chain.


Dachshund Decks can be laid over regular timber substructure and also offer a complete system to be laid over a waterproof membrane and also concrete flooring- See our DECK CHAIR SYSTEM page for more information.

Made from 60% waste timber fibre and 30% recycled HDPE plastic, DACHSHUND DECKS composite decking also has additives of colour, UV protectants and mould inhibiters. The materials are heated, pressurised and extruded into the shape of the decking. DACHSHUND DECKS composite decking has no formaldehyde and no harmful timber treatments. At only 30% plastic content, DACHSHUND DECKS composite decking is specifically suited to our high UV conditions and is less likely to expand and contract compared to those composites with 50% plastic content. Supported by well designed accessories and available in two profiles and three colours there is a composite wood plastic deck for everyone.




Composite Decking Colours available

Composite decking colour midgrey


A classy emulation of weathered off timber – without the warping or twisting.

Composite decking colour driftwood


Mimics the soft, pale colour of natural driftwood.

Composite decking colour red brown


Replicates the warm gingery tones of Cedar.

Composite Decking Boards



SOLID Residential
130mm x 19mm x 4850mm

Our most popular profile in both Australia and New Zealand

Can be used in all residential decking situations with either the concealed fixing system or predrilled and top fixed as for traditional decking. Available in all three colours.

Cover - 135mm
Lineal m per m2 - 7.4m
Max Joist Spacings - 400mm
Fixers required per m2 with Max joist spacing - 18.5




SOLID Commercial
140mm x 25mm x 4850mm 

Used most often as public viewing platforms. Also used  with either the concealed fixing system or predrilled and top fixed as for traditional decking. Available in all three colours (may require forward ordering).

Cover - 145mm
Lineal m per m2 - 6.9m
Max Joist Spacings - 450mm
Fixers required per m2 with Max joist spacing - 15.5





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Composite Decking Accessories











Fixing Clips

Made from recycled HDPE, available in two sizes for commercial and residential decking. 
Sold in bags of 100.










Fixing Screw

Made from Blackened 304 Stainless Steel, 40mm 6G with a No1 square drive head. Also available in Blackened 316 Stainless Steel. The head size has been designed to be easily unscrewed from between the boards  without causing damage, if required. Use of your drill on low torque and leaving screws loose until the next board is in position is recommended.

Sold in bags of 100.

Composite Screw

A winged decking screw made from 316 Stainless Steel, 50mm 10G with a square drive head. Designed to surface fix edgeboards and breakerboards without mushrooming.

Sold in bags of 50.



When cutting our decking, we recommend Diablo fine finish cutting blades. Available in 10 inch & 12 inch sized blades.


Available now from GFC Fasteners & Construction Products. Contact Simon Hitchcock:


09 579 0722

027 5523232

Composite Decking Tiles



MITRED TILES 295x295x27mm

11 tiles are required per m2.


STRAIGHT TILES 308x308x25mm

10.5 tiles are required per m2.




TILE EDGING for Straight Tiles Only 308x79x25mm

(Corner edging 379mm long)




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BRANZ appraised - New Zealand